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Whether you came here today because you know me personally, you want to use coloring and art therapy as a way to manage stress, you want to buy some artwork, or you’ve just ended up here by accident, it is lovely to have you visit!

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My Background

I was trained as a painter and also get a lot of satisfaction from drawing–I enjoy the challenge of creating form, depth, and texture through two-dimensional media.  I am also an Art Therapist and use art making to help other people access their creativity and overcome barriers that keep them from being happy.


I identify my style of artwork as a mixture of expressive and magical realism.  I love to exaggerate color, shape, and perspective so that I can simultaneously capture the nature of the creatures (human, flora, and fauna), objects, and places that inspire me and also infuse them with a touch of magic.  


Some of the images you will see here came spontaneously to life, the way the scenes and characters in art often do, as if they were just waiting for their moment in time and I just happened to discover them.   Other imagery comes from The Desert Mandalas Coloring Book, which grew out of my work as an art therapist and my understanding of the important role that coloring can take in helping people manage their stress.  


Coloring Kits and Panels

Even in normal times, we need something to help us cope with the multitude of stressors life poses.  This has only been made worse with COVID 19!  Coloring has been proven to relieve stress and help people feel calmer and more relaxed.  My Coloring Kits, mounted on ready-to-hang cradled panels, are specifically designed to help you access the stress reducing benefits of coloring with the added touch of giving you something that you can continue to visually enjoy.  Check out these great one-of-a-kind gifts!  


If you like to collect art, you can also look through my gallery of paintings and drawings inspired by the lovely people, places, animals, and creatures that inhabit our world.  Hopefully they will bring a touch of magic and whimsy into yours.   


Without exclusion, Rebecca contributes 10% of the proceeds of her sales to the American Cancer Society in honor of her brother, T, and her father, Ted.