Welcome to My Online Studio!


Whether you came here today because you know me personally, we’ve met at an art therapy workshop I ran, you have an interest in mandalas, you want to buy some artwork, or you’ve just ended up here by accident, it is lovely to have you visit!

REbecca Painting in Her STudio

My Background

I was trained as a painter but I seem to find the most satisfaction in the drawing process.  Something about creating form, depth, and texture through two-dimensional media is both challenging and gratifying.  I’ve exhibited my artwork in various galleries and publications over the years but I’ve only recently begun creating works that are truly meant for a larger audience to see and experience.  The Miraval Mandalas Coloring Book (commissioned by Miraval Resort in Arizona where I run workshops on creativity and wellbeing) has been part of that adventure.  Those and other mandala series can be seen the Mandalas section of the Shop. 


Feel Free to Shop or Just Browse through the Gallery

Click the Shop link if you’re here to buy a Mandala Coloring Kit or one of Rebecca’s hand-painted or hand-drawn mandalas.  If you’d like to browse through some of my other paintings, drawings, and mixed-media projects, click the Gallery link to see those collections.   More than anything, feel free to contact me if you want to connect in any way, shape, or form about creativity, art therapy, mandalas, Carl Jung, the desert, art, life, death, cats, or anything else of interest to you.  Warmly, Rebecca  


Without exclusion, Rebecca contributes 10% of the gross proceeds of her sales to the American Cancer Society.