As many of you have already discovered on your own, research is revealing the  benefits of coloring on reducing stress,  improving focus, and increasing a sense of calm and relaxation. 

Coloring Panel Agave GrandeRebecca’s coloring images are for those of you who not only love to color but also want to celebrate and be able to show your work.  Each image comes already mounted on a cradled 6 x 6 inch panel that is ready to hang on the wall or that can stand by itself as a lovely accent to a bookshelf or window sill. 

Find pleasing patterns, desert creatures, scenic views, and moments of peaceful bliss. 

Some of the images are simpler for those of you who want broader areas to color in; others are more complex for those of you who like more intricate designs.  If you love to color, these coloring panels turn your artwork into something you can continue to enjoy and proudly display. 

Coloring Panel on Book Shelf
RAW-Saguaro Moon on Book Shelf
Coloring Panel Desert Gathering on Window Sill
Lee-Desert Gathering in Window Sill

Hang them on the wall, prop them in a little nook in the room, or use them to beautify your bookshelves.  accent on a book shelf.  Get one for that artsy person you know that loves creating beautifully handcrafted gifts. 

The coloring kits come with their  own set of pencils and sharpener.   You can also order the panels by themselves if you already have your own coloring supplies.  Shop the Coloring Kits here.  

For those of you who like to collect art, you can also order one of Rebecca’s  delicately hand-drawn and hand-painted series. These one-of-a-kind pieces will each add their own unique character and spirit to their new homes.  Many of the images appear in mandalas, circular forms that represent wholeness and unity.  For more about mandalas, click here.  

Rebecca’s paintings and drawings are on wood panels that stand on their own or are ready to hang so they require no finishing or framing.  Shop the paintings here