Pointed Agave #1 — Six Inch Cradled Panel


Looking down from above at the elegant symmetry of a Grande Agave.

This design comes from the collection of drawings in the Miraval Mandalas Coloring Book.  Click here to see the full collection and to order Coloring Kits or Coloring Panels with those images.


Pointed Agave painted with acrylic ink on a 6 inch wood panel.

Additional information

Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 6 × 1.5 × 6 in

Acrylic Ink on Wood Panel

Additional Description

-Varnished to preserve the image and protect against dust and scuff marks.
-Painted on archivally sealed wood panels to preserve against warping or cracking caused by moisture.
-Ready to mount on the wall or stand by itself.