How do I buy one of the Coloring Kits?

Go here to the Coloring Kits section and browse through the illustrations that are available with the kits.

What do the Coloring Kits come with?

Coloring Kits are ready for coloring and ready to hang

The Coloring Kits come with a set of pencils and a sharpener.  They are printed on acid free paper and mounted on archivally sealed wood panels.  The panels can stand upright on their own or can be mounted on the wall.

Do you provide discounts for bulk orders?

Bulk Discounts for Coloring Kits

Coloring Kits can be purchased in bulk at the following rates:

  • 15-50 5% discount
  • 50-100 10% discount
  • 100+ 15% discount

Please allow 3 weeks for packaging and delivery of orders of 50 or more.

Discounts for Paintings and Drawings

Because each painting and drawing is unique, bulk orders for those works are not available.  A 5% discount will be applied to purchases of 3 or more drawings or paintings.

What is your return policy?

General Refunds

Please feel free to return any items you purchase from RebeccaWilkinson.com for any reason within 30 days.  You will be refunded the full cost of the item minus postage. They must be in their original packaging with no damage or signs of wear/use.  Between 31-90 days, postage and a 10% restocking fee will be deducted from the refund.  No returns will be awarded after 90 days.

Bulk Orders

Bulk orders can be returned for up to 30 days with a 15% restocking fee.  Between 31-90 days, they can be returned for a 25% restocking fee.  No refunds will be awarded after 90 days.

Defective Items

Any defective items can be returned for a full refund including postage within 30 days. They must be in their original packaging with no damage or signs of wear/use other than the defect for which they are being returned.

Imperfections in Original Artwork

Please be advised that some of the original paintings and drawings may have ‘imperfections’ that are part of the artwork and are often what makes each one unique.  Most of the original artwork on the website can be zoomed in for close-ups that will show all of the details.  Any of these peculiarities should be immediately evident and so, hopefully, will not be surprising when the artwork comes to you in person. 

Can I commission a painting or drawing from Rebecca?

Commissions can be arranged

If there is a painting, drawing, or book illustration or book cover that you would like commissioned by Rebecca, please feel free to contact her.  The terms can easily be negotiated depending upon what you are looking for and what Rebecca is able to do.  She will let you know if something is out of the scope of her skillset or repertoire.

Prints of some pieces can also be arranged.  Again, please contact Rebecca directly.

What does it mean that the artwork is archival?


Rebecca takes care to make her artwork—whether it’s the Coloring Kits or her original paintings and drawings—archivally sound.  That means that the wood of the panels are properly sealed, the glues to attach the drawings to the panels are acid-free, and the finishes that are used are of high quality.  That should make them last for a long, long time.

Avoiding Damage

Some damage and aging cannot be avoided.  This occurs from ongoing exposure to sunlight, heat, cold, or wear and tear.  Added measures can be taken to protect your artwork.

Protecting Your Own Images Once You’ve Colored Them In

With the coloring kits, once you or the person you gave it to is finished coloring it in, you can seal it with a medium that is appropriate for the materials you used (pencils, watercolors, markers, etc.).  An art supply or craft store should be able to help you find the appropriate finishing product.  You can also choose a place to display the artwork where it won’t be continuously exposed sun, extreme temperatures, moisture, and/or scratching.

What does it mean that 10% of the proceeds go the American Cancer Society?

Without exclusion, Rebecca contributes 10% of the gross proceeds of her sales to the American Cancer Society.  For authentication of those donations, please contact Rebecca.

Why the American Cancer Society?

Cure for Cancer

Rebecca chose the American Cancer Society because cancer has taken so many of her friends and family from this world.  There are other organizations that she also supports, but she felt that most people, even if they had not had personal experience with cancer, would feel good about having their money channeled towards research into cures for cancer.

How can I or my organization hire Rebecca for a Creativity and Wellbeing Workshop?

Creative Wellbeing Workshops

Rebecca and her business partner Gioia regularly run Creativity and Wellbeing workshops.  Click on the list of our menu of options at Creative Wellbeing Workshops.

We always tailor our workshops to meet the needs of your group.  Fees depend upon the content, number of attendees, travel expenses, and number of workshops scheduled.

Please note that with restrictions based upon the COVID 19, we are running our workshops online.  To arrange a workshop, please contact Rebecca directly.

How Do I hire Rebecca as an Art Therapist?

Private Clients

Rebecca works with clients from all over the world.  For more information about her private practice, please visit Creative Wellbeing Workshops.  If you are curious about art therapy and want to learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact Rebecca directly for a free initial consultation.

How do I buy a copy of Rebecca’s textbook Positive Art Therapy Theory and Practice: Integrating Positive Psychology and Art Therapy?

Rebecca and her business partner Gioia wrote a textbook outlining the relevance of “the science of wellbeing” for the field of art therapy and the profound impact that art therapy has on wellbeing and happiness.  It offers positive psychologists and other mental health practitioners profound insights in the critical role creativity, art, and visual perception play in wellbeing and mental health.

Positive Art Therapy Theory and Practice: Integrating Positive Psychology and Art Therapy can be purchased through Amazon, Routledge, or Barnes and Noble.